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    School of Public Policy & legal studies

    School of Public Policy and Legal studies under Chanakya University, Bengaluru offers an understanding of multiple dimensions of Legal studies, – national as well as international.
    The school inculcates amongst students a holistic approach to understanding Law and its philosophy so that they can develop maturity to handle the power of Law to play creative and positive roles in nation building, world peace and humanity. The school imparts knowledge of codified law; along with uncodified and customary laws.
    Here, students have multiple opportunities to work alongside leading advocates, social thinkers, renowned academicians, innovators, start-ups, writers, and Artists from all walks of life.
    Students are also mentored through real-world exposure offered via various activities such as Moot Courts, seminars, workshops, and symposiums.

    Upon completion of their academic programs, students get to take up careers in varied domains such as:

    • Judicial Services
    • Academics
    • Arbitration & Conciliation
    • Corporate
    • Indian Administrative Services
    • Indian Coast Guard
    • Various governmental as well as non-governmental organizations (national & international).

    Academic Programs offered by the School of Public Policy and Legal Studies

    • BA. LL.B. (Honours) -5 years*
    • B.B.A. LL.B. (Honours) – 5 years**
    • LL.M. – 2 years

    *BA. LL.B. program offers the option of the integration of Civil Services preparation.
    ** BB.A. LL.B. comprises of industry apprenticeship embedded program.

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