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    B.Sc. Honours (Computer Science)

    ‘Computer Science is the Art of Imagination’

    The greatest of modern inventions, Computers have come to define modern civilization and culture. The Program is designed for an enriching experience in the studies of Computer Systems, Architecture, Languages, Coding, and advanced applications in emerging domains. The pursuit of computers Science for a career in Software development, Hardware engineering, Consultancy, Academics, Research, and any other infinite possibilities is nurtured by the best of Teaching and Learning resources.

    Course Content

    • Discipline: Learning to Know
      • Fundamentals of Programming
      • ITES Industry in India
      • Data Structures
      • Web Development
      • Operating Systems
      • Machine Learning
      • Comp. Programming
      • Computer Systems
      • Software Security
      • Discrete Maths
      • Prob. & Statistics
    • Foundation: Learning to Be
      • Art of Self Awareness
      • Art of Aesthetics
      • Ethical Decision Making
      • Cultural Mapping
      • History as Enrichment
      • Understanding Itihaasa
      • Intellectual Heritage of India
      • Yoga: Skill of Harmony
      • Appreciating Literature
      • Icons & Inspirations
    • Competence:  Learning to Do
      • Language & Communication   
      • Digital Skills
      • Research Skills 
      • Cognitive Skills
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Leadership Skills 
      • Social Empowerment 
      • Constitutional Skills
      • SEVA as a Transformative Skill
    *Not Exhaustive

    Career Progression

    • Professional: Software Developer/Trainer 
    • Employment: IT/ Corporates 
    • Entrepreneurship: Consultancy/ IT Firm 
    • Academics: Research/ Teaching

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