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    B.B.A. Honours (International Business)

    ‘Growth means Glocalization’

    As the World becomes a Village due to technology, the Social, Economic, Demographic and Cultural familiarity, offers immense potential in serving a global need. India becomes the knowledge and service hub of the world offering opportunity for being a global business professional, both as an Entrepreneur and Executive. The bustling presence of MNCs, the rapid growth of Indian Global corporations and the strategy of global to local, makes this program a contemporary vision enabler.

    Course Content

    • Discipline: Learning to Know
      • Management 
      • Accounting
      • Business Optimization
      • OB & Group Dynamics
      • Quantitative Analysis 
      • Fin. Management
      • The VUCA World
      • Forex Management
      • EXIM Management
      • India’s Globalisation
    • Foundation: Learning to Be
      • Art of Self Awareness
      • Art of Aesthetics
      • Ethical Decision Making
      • Cultural Mapping
      • History as Enrichment
      • Understanding Itihaasa
      • Intellectual Heritage of India  
      • Yoga: Skill of Harmony
      • Appreciating Literature
      • Icons & Inspirations 
    • Competence: Learning to Do
      • Language & Communication  
      • Digital Skills
      • Research Skills
      • Cognitive Skills
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Leadership Skills
      • Social Empowerment
      • Constitutional Skills
      • SEVA as a Transformative Skill

    *Not Exhaustive

    Career Progression

    • Professional: International Market/ Research Consultant 
    • Employment: EXIM Divisions/Firms 
    • Entrepreneurship: EXIM Firms 
    • Academics: Research / Teaching

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