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    B.A. Honours (English)

    ‘Language is a Bridge across the Gardens of Civilization.’

    The program explores the classics of world literature and the scope of English as an instrument of empowerment. Being a country with the largest English-speaking population, English is a window to the World and a symbol of enrichment. The Creative classics of the World and India offer an amazing journey through letters.

    Course Content

    • Discipline: Learning to Know
      • Literary Traditions
      • Indian Literature
      • World Literature
      • Academic Writing
      • Writing for the Media
      • Translation Studies
      • Literary Criticism
      • Machine Translation
      • Digital Humanities
      • Cultural studies
      • Resistance Literature  
    • Foundation: Learning to Be
      • Art of Self Awareness
      • Art of Aesthetics
      • Ethical Decision Making
      • Cultural Mapping
      • History as Enrichment
      • Understanding Itihaasa
      • Intellectual Heritage of India  
      • Yoga: Skill of Harmony
      • Appreciating Literature
      • Icons & Inspirations 
    • Competence: Learning to Do
      • Language & Communication  
      • Digital Skills
      • Research Skills
      • Cognitive Skills
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Leadership Skills
      • Social Empowerment
      • Constitutional Skills
      • SEVA as a Transformative Skill

    *Not Exhaustive

    Career Progression

    • Professional: Content/ Copy Writer 
    • Employment: Corporate Communication 
    • Entrepreneurship: Language/ Skill Training 
    • Academics: Research/ Teaching

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