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    Research Monograph

    Research Monographs

    Monographs are important as syntheses of literature in the field, valued for their comprehensive, in-depth, and definitive perspectives. Largely based on original research carried out on frontline issues in any specific field/sector. Scholarly monographs are singlevolume works (books) providing in-depth research into a specialized area of knowledge. A Monograph has some common characteristics with books and review (survey) papers. A monograph is a special type of book written on a single specialized topic, devoted mainly for research works; could pose some unsolved problems and may provide detailed explanation of some research papers. So, it is like a big survey paper, but it does not appear in journals; it rather appears the way most books appear. A book is written, works on a broad range of topics belonging usually to the same subject area. The Chanakya University proposes to bring out Research Monographs based on the unpublished original research work carried out by the faculty/students/researchers, largely focused on (but not limited to) Indian Knowledge Systems. It will be known as, “Chanakya University Research Monograph Series”.

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    Dr. Manasa R.
    Assistant Professor
    Coordinator, Working Paper and Research Monographs
    School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    Chanakya University

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