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    MCA program designed and aligned with industry Standards and benchmark. It aims to provide a solid foundation in Mathematics, Statistics, Competitive Programming, Internship and Research to develop the younger minds to work as a team and improve programming and leadership skills. At the end of program, the learner can become a computer software expert and join in any software industry. The MCA program comprised of different streams such as Data mining & ML, Theory of Algorithms, Virtual reality-HCI and Software engineering & Management

    Program USPs

    • All courses are hands-on
    • Andragogical Teaching Methodology Aligned with Industry 4.0
    • Openness in deciding upon streams by electives
    • Industry Mentor for every single student from III semester onwards
    • Group project during the third year
    • One Full Semester Internship in the relevant Industry

    Stream I : Data science: This stream deals with a variety of subjects like probability & statistics, Data mining and Machine learning. Students will explore various datasets and apply mathematical algorithms to extract inferences & insights linked with data.

    Stream II: Theoretical Computer Science: This stream deals with a variety of subjects like theory of computation, design & analysis of algorithms and system simulation. Students will design and trace various algorithms and apply them in different applications. Students will simulate various data structures/algorithms and retrieve inferences & insights after simulation.

    Stream III: Graphics Visualization: This stream comprises various subjects like computer graphics, Virtual reality & Augmented reality, UI/UX and HCI. Students will design and develop various graphical applications using different tools related to graphics, virtual reality, UI/UX and HCI. Students will design & visualize input and output of the system.

    Stream IV: Software Engineering & Management: This stream consist of various stages of software development such as software engineering, software project management and software testing. Students will analyse the problem, design & code the software, and will apply testing procedure to improve the quality of software.

    Course Structure


    Discipline Core (DC) (Major/Minor)

    Open Elective


    Foundation Course (FC)

    Competence Course (CC)

    Total Credits





    • Mathematical Foundation for Computer Applications(4)
    • Object Oriented Programming Using Java (4)
    • Database Management (4)
    • System Computer

    Systems (4)









    FC I (3)





    CC – I (4)








    • Data structures Using C (4)
    • Python Programming (4)
    • Artificial Intelligence (4)
    • Elective – I (4)



    OE-1 (3)



    FC II (3)



    CC – II (2)






    • Web Technologies (4)
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing (4)
    • Elective – II (4)
    • Elective – III (4)


    OE-1 (3)




    CC -III (2)





    • Project (12)













    Elective I

    Credit: 4

    Elective II

    Credit: 4

    Elective III

    Credit: 4

    Stream I :

    Data Science

    Probability &


    Data Mining

    Machine Learning

    Stream II: Theoretical Computer


    Theory of Computation

    Design & Analysis of Algorithms

    System Simulation

    Stream III: Graphics


    Computer Graphics

    Virtual Reality & AugmentedReality

    UI/UX / HCI

    Stream IV: Software Engineering &


    Software Engineering

    Software Project Management

    Software Testing

    · Academic Calendar

    Bridge course: Introduction to C- Programming 30 hours

    Mathematics: 20 hours

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