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    The MBA program is the flagship program of the university. It endeavours to equip students with resilience to meet the challenges of the business world. The program is designed with Indian ethos in mind and thus has a strong emphasis of the ground realities of Bharat.

    A gallery of corporate executives, industry leaders, experienced academicians have come together to curate a program which emphasizes on Innovation, Ethics, Integrity and overall development of the individual.

    Our MBA program envisions to cultivate future business leaders who are grounded in traditional Indian values and beliefs while embracing innovative and ethical approaches to drive economic growth. Our graduates will embody a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western ideals, leading with empathy and purpose, and shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

    · Programme Aims/Objectives

    § A comprehensive education that integrates the best of Eastern and Western business practices.

    § To develop responsible and visionary business leaders who have a deep understanding of traditional Indian values, beliefs and culture.

    § To develop managers who can apply innovative and ethical solutions to drive sustainable growth.

    § To challenge students to think critically and creatively, while fostering their personal and professional growth.

    § To empowering our graduates with the skills, knowledge and passion to lead with empathy and purpose, creating a better future for all.

    · Programme Outcomes

    MBA Graduates would:

    § have a deep understanding of Indian cultural values and business practices and how they can be applied in the global context.

    § Demonstrate ethical responsibility and make values-based decisions.

    § be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to start and grow successful businesses.

    § Practice transformational business leadership with qualities of integrity, creativity, humanism, and team spirit

    § would have the ability to analyze complex business problems, develop creative solutions, and make data-driven decisions to achieve their goals.

    § have a strong understanding of the global business environment, and the ability to navigate cross-cultural and cross-border business relationships effectively.

    § Practice lifelong learning

    · Programme USPs 

    Internship as the last trimester

    o 3600 Integrity Score and individual mentoring by Executives from Industry

    o Rural Immersion for developing social entrepreneurship orientation.

    o Faculty drawn from International Universities, Leading corporates and Indian Institutions.

    o Courses curated to expose students to the latest trends in the Business World

    · Specializations Offered


    o Marketing

    o Human Resource Management

    o Hospital Administration

    o Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    o Business Analytics

    o Tourism and Hospitality Management

    o Aviation

    o IT Project Management

    · Description about each specialization 

      • Finance: the life blood of business, an MBA in finance is the most sought-after qualification as it opens doors to a plethora of careers in the financial services sector. The financial services sector is the fastest growing sector in the economy in the last decade and this relentless growth is now being fuelled by fintech. Though there is competition to MBAs from other finance professional qualifications in corporate finance, a well-rounded finance professional always finds a foothold in corporate finance and make a highly successful career of it. The specialisation aims at providing the students with cutting edge skills and knowledge to manoeuvre the labyrinth of business finance.

      • Marketing: there can be no business without marketing. An MBA in marketing is designed to be completely hands-on where the student can gain insights from various markets. The salt of a marketing program lies in the ability to expose the student toe real life experience in live markets and allow for self-learning. With businesses being competitive and going global at the same time, there is a great demand for trained executives who can market products and services to the ever demanding consumers.

      • Human Resource Management: True to the Indic tradition of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, an MBA is HR is required to think in terms of global human resource and be able to navigate the realities of cross-border and cross-cultural issues. The HR Specialisation is designed keeping in mind the ever-changing nature of the human resource and working conditions. Sufficient exposure to real HR problems and cases are included in the learning environment for the student to understand Human resource management with maturity and equanimity.

      • Hospital Administration: A major in hospital administration is sought after the leading hospitals in India today. The last two decades have seen corporatisation of hospitals and healthcare facilities. A need for professional administration and management has been realised by all large hospitals. An MBA in hospital administration will enable the medical doctors to concentrate on the healthcare part of the hospitals and leave the business part to the business management professionals. The major in hospital administration is curated to specifically cater to the world of healthcare and provide strong managerial resources to the healthcare industry. The students will be exposed to real time experiences in the healthcare industry by providing them with internships in large hospitals to observe and reflect upon the problems and solutions in those organisations.

      • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: With the proliferation of DTC E-commerce businesses, there is a large need for trained manpower in logistics and supply chain management. The growth in the services industry has only accelerated the development of the SCM sector. The program in SCM is designed to meet the needs of this industry and make manpower available to the SCM industry. The courses are curated to bring about the latest happenings in the SCM industry and give exposure to the student regarding the same.

      • Business Analytics: Today’s business scenario is all about utilising data to take decisions. The business world these days revolves around collecting customer data at various touch points and using the data to make business decisions. Big Data and data mining have become buzz words in the business world in modern times. A MBA in Business Analytics aims to equip the students in identifying, collecting, and analysing data points relevant to the business and taking decisions which impact the businesses. The program envisages hands-on experiences with intensive internships at leading companies engaged in BigData and help the students understand the nuances of Business Analytics

      • Tourism and Hospitality Management: The Indian Middle class has outgrown the old ways of recreational travel and a new growing market for professionally conceived and tourism experiences has emerged. This development calls for professionally trained human resources to design tourism experiences and execute them. An MBA in Tourism and Hospitality management aims to provide the necessary skills to the students to be able to design tourism experiences according to the needs of the ever growing and evolving markets and execute them. The program is designed in consultation with the best minds in the industry to give the students practical exposure to the industry and thus be able to make a positive contribution to this industry.

      • Aviation: The Aviation Sector in India is growing at a fast pace and this calls for trained resources to manage the requirements of this sector. As travel, tourism and logistics shifts from land to air, a large number of opportunities spring up for providing services to this sector. Aviation management deals with Airport management, cargo management, airport hospitality, airport operations management, airport infrastructure management, etc. each of these areas require highly committed and trained professional manpower. The MBA program in Aviation aims to provide the right required skills and experiences to the students to be able to design and provide seamless airport services to the travellers.

      • IT Project Management: Bengaluru is the hub of IT industry in India and Chanakya has the locational advantage of being right in the epicenter of the IT industry. There is a constant need for IT engineers to be trained as Project managers when they graduate to managerial roles. Very few management programs are offered to these IT engineers to sharpen their skills in project management and most of them end up doing industry led programs like PMP. The MBA in IT project management aims to provide all the necessary skills of project management, Leadership and HRM to make the IT project manager a well rounded Management professional. The program is designed to provide exposure to the best practices in the industry by involving the best in the industry.

    · Program collaborations/partners

      • NASSCOM

      • CII

      • ELCIA

      • MGIRME

      • KSRDPR University

    · Career/Entrepreneurship Opportunities

      • Finance

        • Corporate Finance

        • Financial services

        • Actuaries

        • Insurance

        • Mutual funds

        • Wealth management

        • Estate management

        • Credit rating

        • Equity analysis

        • Bond Analysis

        • Treasury Management

      • Marketing

        • Field sales

        • Advertising

        • Retail

        • Services marketing

        • Celebrity management

        • Event management

        • Social media/digital marketing

        • Sports management

        • Consulting

      • Human Resource Management

        • Corporate HR

        • Industrial Relations

        • Training and Development

        • Manpower Consulting

        • Organisational Development

      • · Academic Calendar

        The Program consists of 6 trimesters with the last trimester being the internship trimester. Each Trimester will be of 16 weeks

      • The duration of the trimester will also include assessments and there is no additional time provided for formative or summative assessments.

      • The convention followed is 1 credit equals 16 lecture hours or 48 Internship hours or 32 lab hours

      • The Program offers Foundation courses, Discipline Core courses, Majors, Minors and Open Electives.

      • A student can design her/his own course according to the career aspirations by opting for courses to earn credits for major and minors.

      • The Program follows the NEP model thus, if the student exits at the end of first year the student is awarded a PG Diploma and a Post Graduate degree at the end of 2 years


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    Open Elective

















    · List of Faculty associated with the program:

    Faculty drawn from Industry, Leading Indian and Foreign Universities, Schools of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Administrative Executives of the Universities like HR and Finance and the inhouse faculty of the School of commerce and Management.

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