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    BA. LLB.

    The BA LLB program is an integrated undergraduate course that combines the study of law with other subjects such as humanities, social sciences, language and business management. The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system, its functions and impact on society, and prepare them to become legal professionals.

    The BA LLB program comprises of core law subjects such as contract law, criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, Jurisprudence and intellectual property law. In addition to these subjects, the program also focuses on specialized areas of law such as cyber law, environmental law, international law, and alternative dispute resolution. The program also emphasizes the Indian knowledge system by including courses on the philosophy of law and the role of law in society according to ancient Indian texts.

    One of the unique features of the BA LLB program is its focus on developing a well-rounded education that combines legal knowledge with other fields of study. Students are exposed to a wide range of subjects such as history, sociology, economics, and management, which provide them with a broader perspective on the legal system and its impact on society.

    Overall, the BA LLB program provides students with a solid foundation in law and the Indian knowledge system and prepares them for careers in the legal profession as well as in other fields such as academia, policy making, social work, Corporate and business. Graduates of the program are well-equipped to become legal professionals who are not only knowledgeable about the law but also have a broader understanding of its historical, social and cultural context.

    Minimum eligibility Criteria:

    • 10 + 2/ PUC/ HSC with minimum 45 % marks (40 % marks for SC. ST. students )

    • Cleared the CLAT or Chanakya University Pravesh Pariksha .

    • Appeared for the Counselling Session under Chanakya University

    List of Honours under B.A. LL.B.

    1. Constitutional Law

    2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

    3. International Law

    4. Intellectual Property Rights

    5. Cyber and Data Protection Law

    6. Criminal Law

    Details of Honours Course

    1. Constitutional Law: Constitutional law is the backbone of any legal system. It establishes the fundamental principles that govern the relationship between the state and its citizens, as well as the structure of the state itself. Constitution defines the centre and state relations and limitation. It is critical for anyone interested in pursuing a career in law or politics or social work to understand the principles of constitutional law, as it provides the basis for interpreting and applying laws at all levels of government. Advocate who is interested to practice in the High Court or Supreme Court this Specialization is most for the success in the practice.

    2. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, Conciliation have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of resolving legal disputes without the need for costly and time-consuming court proceedings. Understanding alternative dispute resolution is essential for lawyers, as it enables them to provide effective legal representation to their clients and to explore alternative solutions to legal conflicts. ADR is becoming the first choice for corporates to solve their dispute. Indian Apex judiciary is very much interested to promote ADR hence it is a great opportunity for a future advocate to choose as a career option.

    3. International Law: International law plays a crucial role in governing the relationship between different countries and ensuring global stability and security. Studying international law provides students with an understanding of the legal principles that underpin international relations, as well as the legal frameworks that govern issues such as human rights, trade, and environmental protection. This course and specialization will provide the opportunity for an advocate to work on international level for multinational companies, international agencies, government, or nongovernment organisations.

    4. Intellectual Property Rights: Intellectual property law is an area of law that protects the rights of creators and innovators, and it is critical for anyone involved in creative or technological industries. Understanding intellectual property law is essential for protecting the rights of individuals and businesses, as well as fostering innovation and creativity. There is a great scope of this specialization in India because this is one of the emerging field of its kind. In future not only the corporate or industries but individual inventors will ask for the legal support from the legal expert of the field.

    5. Cyber and Data Protection Law: As technology continues to advance, so too does the need for laws that govern the use and protection of digital data. Cyber and data protection law is an emerging area of law that focuses on regulating the collection, use, and storage of digital data. Studying this area of law is essential for anyone working in the tech industry, as well as for anyone who uses digital technology in their personal or professional life. This honours course is specially designed for the future advocate who has interest of practice in this emerging field and willing to deal with new area of faceless crime and protect the interest of there innocent client from data theft.

    6. Criminal Law: Criminal law is an essential area of law that governs the behaviour of individuals who break the law. It is critical for anyone interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or criminal justice to have a thorough understanding of criminal law, as it provides the basis for enforcing laws and maintaining public safety. For an aspirant Advocate this honours course in very – very useful because it strengthens the one of the core areas of practice. Additionally, understanding criminal law is important for individuals who may face criminal charges, as it can help them to protect their rights and defend themselves in court.

    List of General Electives for BA. LL.B. : –

    Elective – I (Law and Society)

    Elective – II (Law and Economy)


    NGOs and Law


    Economic Policy and Sustainable Development


    Population, Public Health and Law


    Law on Investment and Disinvestment


    Law on Food Safety and Security


    Law on Infrastructure Development


    Elective – III (International Law)


    Elective – IV (Law and Agriculture)


    Private International Law


    Farmers and Breeders Rights


    International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court


    Law on Micro-finance and Micro-insurance


    International Dispute Resolutions


    Real Estate and Infrastructure Laws


    Elective – V (Crimes & Criminology)


    Elective – VI (Constitutional Law)


    Criminal Psychology


    Gender Justice


    Forensic Science


    Media Law


    Financial and Systemic Frauds


    Judicial Institutions in India: The Law, The Courts and the Judicial Process


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