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    The Chanakya University School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers a four-year undergraduate program along with civil services exam preparation. The students can pursue BA Hons with major in any of the relevant disciplines, e.g. Political Science or International Relations, while preparing for the civil services exam with the guidance from Samkalp, New Delhi. It is a rigorous program requiring a student to complete 96 credits of core disciplinary courses (major/minor), 12 credits of open electives and 52 credits of foundation and competence courses. The civil services exam preparation is an additional component provided by Samkalp. Samkalp trains the students in General Studies, Optional Subjects and CSAT through the methodology of Corrective Action Plan. This program provides dual benefit to students, preparing them for civil services exam, while also training them in related disciplines. For instance, an aspirant can do a major in Political Science and minors in International Relations and Economics that would groom her for civil services exam as well as a postgraduate degree in these disciplines. Through the research and internship component of the program, she would also be qualified for placements in think tanks, government agencies, NGOs and international organisations.

    It is a unique program that combines university education with CSE training, provides experience of rigorous education through disciplinary courses, research and internship. It gives you freedom of choice in the selection of major, minor and open elective courses as well as provide you with multiple entry and exit options – certificate, diploma, BA and BA Hons.

    Chanakya University will be a pioneering exemplar of the vision of a University

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